The Roller Coaster Life

We hit the 5 month mark in 5 days and I’ve done a terrible job at keeping you up-to-date!  I have always been disappointed by blogs which were only updated once a month.  In fact, I was incredibly irritated when the blogger dropped off the face of the earth for months at a time!  Now I’m guilty of worse!

I can only sum things up as – The Roller Coaster Continues!  Only now we are at the point in the ride where the peaks and valleys are miles apart!  I’m talking Mt. Everest peaks vs. Abysmal Valleys!

5 AM one October Morning – On my way to work!


I’m currently watching the Polar Express to get into the holiday spirit.  It doesn’t feel quite like Christmas in this warm-weather place.  I miss the smell of a real tree (which I’ve heard I can find in a candle from Bath & Body Works).  I miss running to Target with my sisters so we can really chat and drink Starbucks.  I miss hanging out at my Mom’s house on Friday evenings with all my siblings, nieces, and some excuse to cut a cake.  I really miss tasty New York food – sushi, Thai, pizza – you name it, I miss it.  I miss my teaching buddies who made planning and staff meetings fun (eh-uhm…bearable).  Yes, I may be homesick, but I’ve found my outlets.


After spending my 1st 3 months in a complete state of shock, I happened upon a post in a WhatsApp group:

Looking for 5 ladies who can commit to 30 days of personal training.

Turns out that the best solution for stress really is exercise!  I realize that this is not exactly a new concept, but I haven’t spent very much time in a gym in the last 5 years and 9 months and it shows!

Fast forward 30 days later and I can’t say that I’m any slimmer… but, I’m way less…shocked.  I’m more focused on myself and the things that make me healthy and happy.  I spend less time worrying and more time breathing.  I get my family outdoors and active as much as possible.

I’m keeping positive in other ways, too.  I actually say yes when people ask me to come to a gathering (well, at the urging of my husband).  We enjoyed an amazing Thanksgiving with new friends, hosted by woman who opens her home up to all, especially the troops, on Thanksgiving.  I was expecting a humble buffet and walked into a fully catered event with a DJ, wait staff and open “beverage station.”  I want to throw parties like this when I grow up!

In the name of thrill-seeking adventure, I went out dune bashing in the desert and waved to Saudi Arabia across the Inland Sea.  I jumped off the top of a Dhow boat on a family friendly sunset cruise.  I’ve had a shopping spree or two, but I’m redirecting that to spa-splurging in the future.   I’m making the most of this new life and doing quite a few things I could not have done in New York.

365 Tours – Dune Bashing w/ New Friends

Are you wondering if it is possible to move abroad for work with a family in tow?  Yes. It’s possible! It’s a tough adjustment but the pros outweigh the cons!



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