The 4.5 hours to NYC


I’m in NYC finishing up some more papers for authentication. This process is painful.

Hubby took the bus here 3 weeks ago to get some papers authenticated. Unfortunately, we missed the part where you you need a new letter from your university that certifies that you’ve

  • Competed your degree in person and not online
  • Dates you attended
  • The university’s credentials

And a lot more that I can’t think of right now. Fortunately, Queens College came through in time for spring break so here I am!  I’m grateful for being able to spend more time with my family and have the week off. 

But this is no Bahamas vacation.

This is running up and down the steps of Queens County Clerk’s office on Sutphin Blvd,

Racing past the crowds with laundry carts to the J train,

And standing on the filthy train platforms on my way to 123 William Street.

I’m leaning into shops wafting with flavorful food

And dodging piles of stinking trash on the sidewalks.

I miss New York, but these streets really are mean.  

It will all pay off. It has to!



All that running in around in NYC and paperwork is still not complete!!! I’ve still got to go back to New York because most of my papers are mostly New York State Documents, they must be authenticated by the Qatar Consulate in NEW YORK.  I’m still waiting for the FBI Clearance on official paper rather than the digital copy that will show the same information!!!

Time is running out and I’ve got people in all directions asking,

“So when are you going to know?”

“Will you stay or will you go?”

“We are still awaiting documents…”


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2 thoughts on “The 4.5 hours to NYC

  1. Best of luck Nancy! So glad to hear that you haven’t given up! Can’t wait to hear all about your new journey in Qatar. Qatar is also on my list of possible places to live and teach but I received my education degree online so I’m not sure if they’ll have me. However, my BA is from a traditional school…

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    1. Hi Jen! Just got caught up on your AD Adventure! So happy you will stay on for another year! Your class sounds wonderful! I still feel like I’m in limbo, so, don’t congratulate me yet!


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