If We Were Having Coffee in September

Meeting for coffee with you is going to be quite difficult now that we are in different cities. You in New York and me in Virginia.  But after the 4 hour drive (ok 5 because a bathroom break and fill-up in NJ is necessary), I’ll take you to a fabulous place in the Mosaic District that has delicious salted caramel lattes and funky, wicker chairs shaped like blobs.

If we were having coffee, I’d apologize for abandoning you and our youngest sister.  I can hardly believe we live in different states now!  How will we manage without each other? Actually how will I manage without you?  The both of you have it together way more than I do.  You remember to pack snacks when going out with the kids and always have wipes of some sort in your bag.  You always remember a change of clothes or an extra towel…Baby Z’s entire wardrobe is thanks to all the items she’s borrowed from your girls!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about my first week working at my new school and all the great food I’ve eaten.  In New York, we were lucky if we got bagels for teacher appreciation week.  School had barely begun and we had lunch catered from Chipotle, On the Border, Listrani’s, some awesome donut shop and one day, lunch was held at a parent’s home on behalf of the PTA!  Yeah, the houses in this school zone can accommodate lunch for a staff of 65+ teachers.  Dad asked if the kids generally walked to school, but driving around the “neighborhood” I got the impression that they don’t even walk to the end of their long driveways.  It’s a different world then where we come from.  But the kids are super sweet and polite and I love this change already.  The principal has served us all ice cream twice and the assistant principal cooked us all slow-cooker bbq sandwiches!

My Classroom

You’re wondering why we left.  How could we leave our family?  How could we separate all the kids? I saw Gabby start to cry as we drove away from the house that last day.  Being the eldest cousin, she understands what this move means…a quarter of her family is gone.  I miss her so much.  I ask those questions over and over and I never get a clear answer.  I’m hoping it all becomes clear soon.  I was always going to leave New York at some point.  I had been looking for opportunities all over the country (and all over the world) for years! This move is probably not the last.  I was looking at pics of Carla’s family enjoying their new home.  Her husband was smart to make a move after she passed.  Sometimes, you just have to get out of New York City.  It’s just too much aggravation!  They’re going to do great on Long Island.  If I could afford to live there, I would have moved there too.  I will come home someday.  I know that for certain. As soon as Gabby, Bella, Sophia, Zara, Djibril, Allie, and Olivia are ready to start their own band.  Or soccer team.

Saying goodbye to Grandma and cousins

And you are going to have to come visit.  I already have it planned out:  You spend one week here, we will spend one week in New York.  Then one week in Montauk, one week in LBI and one week in Virginia Beach.  What was I thinking, moving to a place with NO BEACHES!!!

If we were having coffee, I think we’d both feel a lot better.  And have room for dessert.

Enjoying new experiences together in Old Towne Alexandria



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