Get On Your Feet – Marquis Theatre

 Times Square, New York, 7 pm

Hey ladies, do you like Comedy?


Where are you from?

New York

Oh yeah? Like up near Canada?

No like New York, New York


The Broadway Experience is an essential  part of being a New Yorker and a must for every visitor to New York.  Unfortunately, natives and tourists alike will be harassed by street advertisers trying to lure the naive into their sales pitch.  Your comedy show probably sucks, dude.

How do people write reviews of broadway shows?  Every single one I’ve seen has been nothing short of amazing!  Last Month we caught a matinee to see Get On Your Feet at the Marquis Theatre.  And by “caught” I mean we snagged orchestra seats back in February at a decent price.  My sisters Lisa, Natalie, and I all chipped in to get my mom tickets for her birthday. It’s really tough getting the perfect gift for Mom because “things” can never show her how much we appreciate her and none of us can afford diamonds. But we know she loves going out with us!

After braving the MTA on a Sunday and fiesting on brunch at The Blue Fin (more on that in a moment) we sauntered over to the Marriott Marquis. I told them about how I interviewed for my new job here on the 17th floor back in February.  Lisa reminded me of the time we dined at the restaurant on the top floor thanks to a guy trying to impress my friend, Tammy.  The view from the spinning restaurant is almost worth the cost of dinner for 4.

Thrilled with our seats, we read through the playbill and checked off shows we’ve seen and shows we need to see next. Hamilton is all the rage these days but tickets are nearly impossible to get.

Checking in on FB

As the lights dimmed, the music picked up and I didn’t know whether to stand up and start dancing or sing along! I followed the lead of those around me and stayed put.

It was the story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan; how their talent, romance and family values came together and accomplished The American Dream.  Growing up, I loved Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine! I danced to The Congo at my wedding!  Throughout the show, I was impressed with how similar relationships can be within families;  the strain between mother and daughter; the bond between sisters; the support from grandparents; and the magic/mayhem of marriage. I laughed, I cried. By the end, I sang and danced.

Memorable Lines;

“You better get used to this face because this is the face of an American” Emilio Estefan to a record producer (Huge Applause!)

“I hope Gloria really likes this song because she’s going to be singing it for the rest of her life!” (The Conga) Record Producer to Emilio.

“Look how far we have come – two children of immigrants just got invited to the White House and shook hands with The President of the United States.” Emilio to Gloria

I immediately added a Gloria Estefan station to my Pandora.

An essential companion to the Sunday Matinee Experiences is the Sunday Brunch Experience.  The Blue Fin didn’t disappoint!  Using, I booked a spot for 4 as I rode the subway into Manhattan.  There are plenty of Chain/Tourist/Fast food spots in Times Square – Juniors, Bubba Gump, Ellen’s Broadway Diner all came to mind.  But Blue Fin caught my attention with the option of having sushi, waffles, pancakes, a raw bar.  Usually, too many options reflect badly on a menu – what are you?  A seafood restaurant?  Sushi? Brunch?  But Blue Fin pulls it all off beautifully.  We ordered The Balcony to start – 2 tiers of raw oysters, ceviche, lobster, clams, calamari…and all extremely fresh and tasty.  I seriously can’t believe how good the food is here in NYC sometimes.

Brunch @ The Blue Fin

Next we delved into a true brunch – lemon-ricotta pancakes topped with fresh berries, a lobster roll, quiche and crab cake sandwich.  All were delicious, but the quiche was quite small.  We had to have a 2nd order of their welcoming breads – blueberry muffins, scones, and cinnamon raisin bread – all so moist and fresh.

Brunch may have cost almost as much as the matinee, but all of it was totally worth it.  My Mom and sisters are the 1st people I think of when I want to enjoy a great meal or have a good time.  I am so lucky my parents provided me with built-in best friends! What am I going to do without them???

Mom, Natalie and Lisa


*feature image taken from the A Train on the ride home.  Zoom in and you’ll see Manhattan. 


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