The Process of Moving Abroad

Imagine you’ve signed a contract to teach abroad.  You’ve quit your job, politely, but smiling on the inside. You’ve sold your house and most of your belongings.  You have 5 pieces of luggage packed and ready to go.  January passes and you


February passes and you


March and April pass and you’re still


It’s now 4 months past the time you were told you would start.

And finally you are told to


4 more months!

This is what has happened to over 100 teachers in April.  They were hired for a January 2016 start date and were prepared to go sometime between January and February, but their ticket never came!  I have been following several Facebook groups and Google+ pages dedicated to teachers heading to Abu Dhabi in 2016.  A large group had been posting about their endless waiting.  No information was offered through their recruiters so they were totally in the dark, waiting. They had quit their jobs, sold their homes, ended their leases and sold most of their belongings, but continued waiting.  With no income and no home of their own, life became strained.  Finally, notices were sent out that their contracts would be re-issued for August start dates instead of the original contract for January.  8 months of waiting!  My heart aches for these teachers and their families!  Am I ready for such a huge leap of faith?

I need to be prepared for anything.  This is not the first time a group has been delayed.  I’ve read a number of blogs as “research” into the moving process and many have stated that there is no rhyme or reason to receiving your departure ticket.  The best advice I’ve heard is, “hold on to your current job until you have your ticket!”  Even then, consider taking a leave of absence instead of resigning.

All of my documents were submitted to the UAE at the end of March, so I am just waiting for a visa to be issued.  It can take a minimum of 2 months but probably much longer. I don’t expect to hear anything before mid-July.  A teacher posted today that his recruiter sent an email saying his departure would most likely be delayed till October!  He was hired around the same time I was and expected to depart in August, just like me!  What will I do between now and October if we sell our stuff and move out of our townhouse?

I will remain optimistic; sell as much stuff as possible, pack our bags and be ready for when the “Golden Ticket” arrives!

*  *  *

Saturday we decided to have an impromptu yard sale.  I’ve been posting and selling things online, but I thought a yard sale would really get things going.  We put up a few little signs around our block and put as much as we could out in the yard.  The kids played with all their toys and, luckily, neither put up a fight if someone bought a toy.

Backyard Sale

The sun was bright and cheery.  We sat on our lawn chairs,then

switched to our dining chairs and then back over to the patio set.  After 3 hours, we made $10.

Things picked up after 3 pm…not so much in the money department but in the friendly neighbors passing by.

“Where are you moving to?”

“Abu Dhabi”

“Get Out!”

“Yep, that’s the plan!”

“That is amazing!”

“It should be!”

“Wow what an adventure!”


Since announcing our move, we’ve had one family cook us a BBQ, another invited our kids to the park across the street to play, and yet another invited us over to check out the ocean view from their high-rise!  Where were all these people these past 2 years?  All I wanted was a community, a village.  For our kids to enjoy company and not have to drive 45 minutes away to enjoy a meal with someone.  Suddenly, all of that exists here!  I guess it has been easier for me to open up to people now that I know we are leaving.  Because I know our time together is fleeting?  Because we are likely never to see each other again?  Whatever it is, I’m appreciating my neighborhood now more than ever before!

More walks on the beach

By the end of the weekend, we made a significant dent in our living room, dining room and garage.  There’s still a lot more to go, but I’m confident there’s someone out there that will take it!
Last crazy thing…we lost EVERYTHING 3.5 years ago during Sandy.  Where did all this STUFF come from????

One man’s junk…

Featured Image: On the Sand Dunes of Rockaway Beach 


One thought on “The Process of Moving Abroad

  1. This sounds like an exciting,nerve wracking and hopeful time! Christopher Columbus said something about being brave when you lose sight of the shore, but I don’t have to tell you, you’re living it. I hope it works out for you just as you imagine it!!

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