Spring Break 2016

Building sand castles by the sea…should have been building smowmen!

The stretch between winter break and spring break was brutal this year. There were two weeks of practice tests, 4 weeks of test prep, two weeks of state tests and one week of make up tests and grading. Great weather throughout all the testing! Once we were finally released on break, however, the weather decided to stop cooperating. The sun can be such a tease!

My Little Sunshine

We headed to Beach Haven for a little time with Grandma Ellen. The gusts of wind and light rain didn’t stop us from collecting seashells along the shore, flying the drone, and taking the kids to the park. We painted the seashells, completed several puzzles, read all the children’s books in the house and caught up on episodes of Better Call Saul. 

My Little Man on the Moon

We got ONE sunny day we took full advantage – running in wide open spaces, participating in the fire department parade & picnic and flying the drone out over the bay to capture the sunset.

If all goes as anticipated, we have about 100 days left on this side of the planet!


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