Interview # 2

It’s 5:20 am the morning of my Abu Dhabi Teaching Interview.  In 10 minutes, I’m jumping into the black-with-faint-pin-stripes-skirt-suit that looks pretty good despite being one size too small.  In 30 minutes I’ll be hopping onto an express bus bound for mid-town Manhattan where I will meet with the recruiter, submit a folder full of documents on USB and prepare to be interviewed.  I have not had to interview for a job in over 10 years.

Things remember:

  • I have 13 years of experience
  • I love teaching
  • I love children
  • Children seem to love being in my class if they don’t allow their teen angst to get in the way
  • This teaching abroad thing is probably going to be A LOT of work, so I really should just stay where I am
  • But I really want a new experience
  • And make sure my shirt buttons neatly across my chest at all times.  I can’t find a safety pin.

My interview with California English Schools in China was really casual via Skype.  The recruiter seemed to have every confidence that I could teach in China.  However, moving my family there was going to be a challenge, the salary may be lower than expected and I should really research where I want to live before he starts searching for a school for me.  Interesting.  I’m keeping it on the back burner for a week or two.

Qatar is next week and I think it’s my #1 choice.  Abu Dhabi has a lot of travel, sights and life-style to offer, but schooling my kids will be very pricey.  Again, I don’t even have a job offer yet.  What was I thinking, putting this all out there?

Wish me luck!





3 thoughts on “Interview # 2

      1. That is almost a guarantee. I agree respect is what we learn (should anyway) from our parents, but the influence there of society is so strong, especially on kids. I don’t know what ages yours are, if they are still young, obviously they won’t be affected, if they are 9+, kids are generally easily influenced by their peers and most kids there are raised by nannies who know nothing about respect. There is always the exception to the rule, though!


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